National Foods started in 1970 in Pakistan with the idea of introducing branded and packaged spices. This idea developed as although on a local level the spice industry was very successful, it had lack of a formal structure. The aim of National Foods was to introduce a high quality, clean spice brand that people from all over the country could rely upon. And National succeeded; currently in Pakistan branded and prepacked spices are preferred over the unbranded and unpacked ones. Over the years the eating habits of people in Pakistan have changed a lot, due to economic booms/depressions, wars, globalization, changing consumer lifestyles, and technological advancements. National Foods has adapted to this by offering consumers hygienic food that reduces the time spent in the kitchens, fosters health and contributes towards a positive and a more rewarding lifestyle. The company is a pioneer with the development of innovative food products that are convenient and quick to prepare. The National spice mixes contain a recipe on the back that is easy to follow, and reminds you of the traditional flavours and scents of Pakistan. Other products form the National range serve as the perfect side-dishes to make the Pakistan ambiance complete. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at the National Foods recipe website: Here you can also find cooking video’s and chef’s hacks, in order to make preparing your favourite dishes even more easy!