Since 1975, Mehran Spice & Food Industry proudly maintains the strictest quality and hygiene standards (HACCP & ISO 9001) which have enabled us to become the leading food company with a premium brand today in countries such as USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and All GCC Countries. The brand's diverse range of products tantalizes the taste buds of millions of consumers around the globe with Recipes Spices, Straight Spices, Arabic Spice Recipes, Pickles & Chutneys, Pastes, Desserts & Vermicelli’s, Rice, Ketchup & Sauces. As always Mehran Spice & Food Industry remains committed to providing its customers with a truly flavorful meal for the entire family, delivering a wholesome, hearty experience that promises unmatched quality and taste for all .This makes Mehran an indispensable brand in your kitchen! The world knows Mehran, now it's your turn.