The tradition of savoury manufacturing in Bikaner, the land of royalty situated in Northern Rajasthan, has its origin dated to 1887. This is when Maharaja Shri Dungar Singhji ordered that a special variety of namkeens must be prepared and served to the royal guests. A snack named ‘Dungar Shahi Bhujia’ was made and presented to his Highness who appreciated and enjoyed it. Soon, Bhujia became the trademark dish of Bikaner and its manufacturing became the livelihood of many families. With time, Bhujia production gained momentum and emerged as a strong segment in the food industry. The authentic taste of Bikaneri Bhujia and Snacks that royal families relished for ages was inherited and offered to Shri Shivratan Agarwa, who created Bikaji. The name Bikaji is derived from Bika Rao - the founder of Bikaner and Ji, used as a mark of respect in India. With an extensive reach and a large base of customers in India and abroad, Bikaji brand has lived up to the true significance of ‘Aslee Bikaneri’ taste. Bikaji today, offers large variety of namkeens and sweets and shall continue to bring joy to patrons, offering the true taste of tradition!