About Unidex


Unidex is a family business, founded in 1989 out of love and passion for authentic food. Food from all over the world. Our team, existing out of 60 persons, delivers the tastiest authentic flavors of African, Caribbean, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine to your store. In addition to our headquarters in the Netherlands (De Zilk), we have sales offices in Belgium, Great Britain, Portugal and Spain. Besides these sales offices, we also have our own production facility in Thailand.


The authentic exotic products that we offer ensure that your consumers feel at home with one bite. We only deliver authentic products without a 'European twist'. This makes consumers feel immediately at home when they see your shelves.The products give you a throwback to the past, to the dishes mama used to prepare. This makes our products the perfect recipe against nostalgia.

We represent numerous popular exotic brands. Take a look here to see which brands we represent. Well-known brands partner up with us as we work closely with them to achieve the best results together and have a streamlined logistics platform. With these brands, Unidex serves all Dutch supermarket chains and a network of 150 wholesalers and more than 2500 stores directly throughout Europe. All orders are prepared in the central warehouse in De Zilk. We can offer our service for large and smaller quantities, from mixed pallets and full pallets to full load trucks.

Our knowledge and experience in various product categories and markets makes Unidex your ideal partner. In addition to all the brands we represent, we also like to help you creating a private label. At the production site of Unidex in Thailand Dutch quality standards and Thai flavors are combined. Here we create high quality concepts with an authentic Thai taste together with you.


Our goal is to make authentic flavours of high-quality exotic products available to everyone at anytime, anywhere.

Due to the change in consumption patterns, we see an increasing demand for exotic products. Every day our employees work hard to ensure the best exotic food and drinks from all over the world are available to the consumer. We do this by offering our extensive range of products from all over the world under one roof to all European retailers.

Besides the delivery of products, Unidex also fulfills an advisory role. Our accountmanagers can advise and support by helping in putting together the best assortment for your specific customer groups.

We are Unidex. We stand for delicious authentic food. We offer you a world of taste


The history of Unidex begins in 1989 in the attic of the parental house of a young student who wrote a project for his graduation. With a father in the spice trade, love for authentic exotic foods has been passed from father to son. Therefore it was no surprise that his graduation project was related to exotic food. After his graduation, with his degree in the pocket and many connections in the trade, the brand new graduate decided to follow his passion for delicious exotic food. And that was the beginning of Unidex.

Now, three decades later, Unidex has grown into a successful multinational company. Over the years we have moved several times in order to provide Unidex with the space that was necessary for the growth that we have been going through. Our headquarters was located in Hillegom since 2002. After a few year of grow, we moved to our current location in De Zilk in 2019. Here our premises are 22.000 m². Our warehouse uses state of the art technology and offers also space for chilled and frozen products.

We also expect to continue to grow in the future. The developments in the field of authentic exotic food do not stand still. Not only our location, but also Unidex, our range and our network will continue to grow. But no matter how big we become, we will always continue to offer the authenticity and quality that you are used to from our products and service.

“We are Unidex. We stand for delicious authentic food. We offer you a world of taste.”